>> Bits as a Service

tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/04/Information-wants-to-be-free I’ll grant that the distinction between bits-as-bits and bits-as-a-service may not always be obvious. But it’s crucial, because people will pay for only one of the two. What seems crucial in making the distinction is that in the case of a service, I’m paying ahead, for a predictable response to the unpredictable future.

>> The Time of Pattern Recognition

blog.echovar.com/?p=4168. If there’s an economics to information flow, it’s based on the production and consumption of patterns of bits. It might not even matter what the pattern consists of, if the cost of the transaction wrapper is sufficiently small, any pattern can serve as an economic vehicle. And once this has occurred, the value of… >> The Time of Pattern Recognition weiterlesen