>> The alternative to your [journalism] CV

adamwestbrook.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/journalism-careers-alternative-to-cv-adam-westbrook-entrepreneurship. We’re entering a world that rewards guts, action, execution, total commitment, responsibility and initiative over work placements and qualifications.

>> All or something

37signals.com/svn/posts/3106-all-or-something. The marginal value of the last hour put into a business idea is usually much less than the first. The world is full of ideas that can be executed with 10 to 20 hours per week, let alone 40. … Weiterlesen

>> Planettigkeiten, Austausch von

drikkes.com/?p=5251. Das ist mir mehr noch beim Lesen der Kommentare als beim eigentlichen Text von Peter Breuer selbst aufgefallen. Ja, Problem erkannt – aber die Eigenverantwortung mal ganz schnell von sich weisen. Immer die anderen.

>> Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days

inc.com/joe-reynolds/give-your-employees-unlimited-vacation-time.html The pes­simists and naysay­ers have said this pol­i­cy would either be abused or that it’s not entire­ly real—that our employ­ees feel pres­sured to never take off. I assure you they’re under­es­ti­mat­ing a pos­i­tive work cul­ture and are sim­ply wrong. … Weiterlesen