>> Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days

inc.com/joe-reynolds/give-your-employees-unlimited-vacation-time.html The pes­simists and naysay­ers have said this pol­i­cy would either be abused or that it’s not entire­ly real—that our employ­ees feel pres­sured to never take off. I assure you they’re under­es­ti­mat­ing a pos­i­tive work cul­ture and are sim­ply wrong. … Weiterlesen

>> No Copyright Intended

waxy.org/2011/12/no_copyright_intended. YouTube’s tried to combat these misconceptions with its Copyright School, but it seems futile. For most people, sharing and remixing with attribution and no commercial intent is instinctually a-okay.

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Diesmal waren sogar ausnahmslos alle Texte hörenswert. Hab ich nur nicht zugegeben, damit mich die coolen Kinder noch mitspielen lassen. Angenehme Örtlichkeit, glücklicherweise nur bedingt vermarketingt. Vollständiges Album bei Flickr.