>> Microsoft’s Biggest Miss

minimalmac.com/post/17758177061/microsofts-biggest-miss. Like the curtain finally falling from the Wizard of Oz to find just a small, frail, man pretending to be far more powerful and relevant than he really was. Microsoft’s biggest miss was allowing the world to finally see … Weiterlesen

>> All or something

37signals.com/svn/posts/3106-all-or-something. The marginal value of the last hour put into a business idea is usually much less than the first. The world is full of ideas that can be executed with 10 to 20 hours per week, let alone 40. … Weiterlesen

>> Planettigkeiten, Austausch von

drikkes.com/?p=5251. Das ist mir mehr noch beim Lesen der Kommentare als beim eigentlichen Text von Peter Breuer selbst aufgefallen. Ja, Problem erkannt – aber die Eigenverantwortung mal ganz schnell von sich weisen. Immer die anderen.

>> The Un-Internet

scripting.com/stories/2011/12/31/theUninternet.html. Every time around the loop, since then, the Internet has served as the antidote to the controls that the tech industry would place on users. Every time, the tech industry has a rationale, with some validity, that wide-open access … Weiterlesen