>> 40 Euro Strafe: Ein Treppenwitz in der 1. Klasse

express.de/bonn/40-euro-strafe-ein-treppenwitz-in-der-1–klasse,2860,11293852.html. Auf EXPRESS-Anfrage blieb die Bahn hart. Ein Sprecher: „Bei diesem Wagen gehörten beide Stockwerke zur 1. Klasse, dazu zählt dann auch der Treppenbereich.“ Ein engagiertes Social-Media-Team macht aus einem Großkonzern noch lange kein kundenorientiertes Unternehmen.

>> No Copyright Intended

waxy.org/2011/12/no_copyright_intended. YouTube’s tried to combat these misconceptions with its Copyright School, but it seems futile. For most people, sharing and remixing with attribution and no commercial intent is instinctually a-okay.

>> The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin

wired.com/magazine/2011/11/mf_bitcoin/all/1. “You could say it’s following Gartner’s Hype Cycle,” London-based core developer Amir Taaki says, referring to a theoretical technology-adoption-and-maturation curve that begins with a “technology trigger,” ascends to a “peak of inflated expectations,” collapses into a “trough of disillusionment,” … Weiterlesen

>> Whatever works for you

marco.org/2011/11/28/whatever-works-for-you. I bet very few other phones, if any, would work exactly the way he wants with no other modifications to his setup. But that also doesn’t really matter. He got a product that claimed to work in his setup, … Weiterlesen