>> Revisiting the Black Sunday Hack

codinghorror.com/blog/2008/05/revisiting-the-black-sunday-hack.html The kill didn’t last long before pirates found a way to jump-start the cards. But it holds an enduring position in pirate lore; for the first time, they could see a cunning mind at work on the other side.

>> Bits as a Service

tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/12/04/Information-wants-to-be-free I’ll grant that the distinction between bits-as-bits and bits-as-a-service may not always be obvious. But it’s crucial, because people will pay for only one of the two. What seems crucial in making the distinction is that in the case … Weiterlesen

>> No Copyright Intended

waxy.org/2011/12/no_copyright_intended. YouTube’s tried to combat these misconceptions with its Copyright School, but it seems futile. For most people, sharing and remixing with attribution and no commercial intent is instinctually a-okay.

>> Leftovers 2011 (Stream Edition)

hackr.de/2011/12/05/leftovers-2011-stream-edition. [..] aber unterm Strich sind die meisten Tools die wir so kennen und lieben nichts anderes als Maschinen zur Produktion, Rezeption und Distribution von solchen Stream-Ereignissen.